NaNoWriMo 2021 | Week 1 Update

We have arrived at the end of week one of National Novel Writing Month 2021 – how are you doing? Hanging in there? Ready for more? Going out to stock up on your writing snacks? Getting some extra sleep? Whatever you’re doing to ready yourself for the next week of NaNoWriMo, I hope you take a little time to reflect on your progress so far.


I know I didn’t publish an introductory post for NaNoWriMo 2021, so this will double as an intro as well as the first week’s wrap-up. I’m not necessarily aiming for the 50,000 word goal, because I’m working on the same writing project that I have worked on for the past few years and cannot guarantee that I have 50,000 more words to add to it. So my main goal is to focus on the worldbuilding and loose ends that are scattered throughout my story.

To be specific to these first six days of the challenge, I have not written every day. Today has been my most productive writing day, as I’ve I just finished a series of writing sprints that were incredibly fruitful; 3,146 words is a great daily total.

At the time of this being posted (8:00pm, on Saturday, November 6th), I have written a total of 5,204 words. I’m happy with this number based on writing for just three days, and when looking at the NaNo benchmarks relative to the 50,000 word objective.

I’m currently too tired to reflect on any more than my word count, so I’m going to end this quick update here. I’ll be back next weekend with another, and hopefully with at least 15,000 words written.


Feel free to share your successes, goals, or fails from the first week of National Novel Writing Month in a comment below, and if you are interested, follow my daily progress on Twitter or my NaNo profile.

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