Day 1/366

That’s right, 2016 is a Leap Year! So no, that’s not a typo and I didn’t forget how many days are in a “normal” year. Thanks Greg, whoever you are (apparently he is Pope Gregory XIII respectfully; my apologies) for the extra day.

20160101_125852-01.jpegI spent my first 2016 morning the way I wish I could spend all my mornings: with new books, fancy coffee, an overwhelming blanket, and writing materials. I had a wonderful evening celebrating (mourning?) the end of 2015, but since that was so last year I won’t go too much into it.*

December 31st usually takes the brunt of any distaste or dissatisfaction for the entire 364 day period that precedes it. The day has the potential to be one of the most exciting, although that excitement comes from waiting for a new year to kick off. December 31st carries the weight of the countdown – only 12 hours; 4 hours; 10 seconds left of 2015! – and feels the burden of trying to live up to being a beautiful, joyous day to end the year with. And, at the end, December 31st just melts away without even seeing a kiss, or the hopeful looks on new year faces. Just like that, it’s so close to us but so far away – until it isn’t and we treat it just as we did the year before.

January 1st is that flighty friend who offers you a fresh perspective and a shiny new outlook that you can’t wait for, and she’ll either stick with you or fade away as she turns into the 2nd, the 10th, and then into another month, and another. The good part of her flightiness, though, is that you have almost absolute control over it and its effects. You CAN change her! She CAN be dependable! And the best part is, YOU decide how and when!

January 1st is loaded with hope and positivity and confidence; so much so there is enough to share with me. I’m ready to grab and hold onto those qualities, to walk through this year with my flighty friend and act like we just said goodbye to December 31st every single day.

We’ve had a relaxing start to year 2016, her and I. And it will continue to be so. She’s ready to launch into tomorrow, and although I cannot wait to join, I’d like to enjoy today right up to its very end; the shine of tomorrow will not dull compared to the shine of today, because I’ll illuminate it – well, because I can.



*Jokes like this are my bread and butter.

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