CoverGirl, ChapStick®, Starbucks.

Samsung, Bic, unknown brand of paper clip.

A homemade coaster, an extra hair tie

the latter most likely Goody,

I’m unfamiliar with names of tile manufacturing companies

(that’s what the coaster is made out of).

That’s just a small sample of brands that cover my desk.

More include Scotch®, Quartz, Dell and of course Sturbridge Yankee.

I guess they somehow show who I am:

A makeup user, chapped lips sufferer, expensive coffee lover, among all else.

Should I not admit that these are part of what defines me?

If anything, these are great examples of what defines me.

I’m always wondering how to define myself, always blurting out generic terms.





It’s nice to have solid *things* through which to define my being.

I don’t know why I feel there should be a definition,

Although I guess I could always fall back on the most obvious:


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