February Reading Challenge: Introduction

Well February has really crept up on me; it felt like we had just reached the middle of January and then voila, out of nowhere, February 1st! If you haven't already, be sure to check out my Modern Romance review - I have decided to fashion my end-of-the-month Reading Challenge entries like reviews, to give … Continue reading February Reading Challenge: Introduction

UPDATE #4: Summer Reading Challenge

Just a little over 200 pages stands between me and the next book on my list. 200 pages of eloquent, intriguing words from John Steinbeck stands between me and. . . finishing Anna Karenina and Early Warning, a novel by Jane Smiley. If you remember, I have been battling through Tolstoy's novel since [what seems … Continue reading UPDATE #4: Summer Reading Challenge

UPDATE #2: Summer Reading “Challenge”

This is going to be barely an update - more of a declaration of my excitement for the books I just purchased. I am still plugging away at Anna Karenina, but I've decided to take on the challenge of reading more than one book at once, especially since I'm moving at a snail's pace towards my … Continue reading UPDATE #2: Summer Reading “Challenge”