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February Reading Challenge: Introduction

Well February has really crept up on me; it felt like we had just reached the middle of January and then voila, out of nowhere, February 1st!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my Modern Romance review – I have decided to fashion my end-of-the-month Reading Challenge entries like reviews, to give them more of a direction and so I don’t have to call them summaries (*shudder*). I am reluctant to report that I have not finished The Goldfinch, but I will finish it by the end of the week so stay tuned for that review this weekend.

Since I’m feeling a bit down on myself about not accomplishing my January reading goal, I’ve decided to buckle down this month and finally finish a novel I’ve been reading for what seems like a century; if you have been following my blog you may have an idea of what it is. Although February is a short month, 2016 is a Leap Year so there’s no excuse for holding this month’s reading goals at a lesser caliber than others. Leo Tolstoy, it’s just me and you pal, and the wonderful world you’ve built around Anna Karenina. This is my Reading Challenge title for the month, and here is a little bit more on how you can join.

Of course, you could read Anna Karenina with me – I would be overjoyed if you did. However, if Tolstoy isn’t your cup of tea, or you want to read a more contemporary tome, I challenge you to pick up a title you have been wanting to read for a significant amount of time – shall we say, at least six months? – and finish it by the 29th.

So my final January Reading Challenge review will come a week late, but I have a pretty good head start on Anna Karenina, so I will complete my goal like I am setting out to do. I may come back with an update if I find myself reading other books (because I’ll definitely be reading other books), but for the most part, I’m on a one track mind with this month’s Reading Challenge.

Good luck to you with reaching your goals this month, and let me know if you’re joining my challenge by leaving a comment; especially if you’re reading something else. Have a wonderful February, I’ll see you soon, and happy reading!


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