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Reading Nook Inspiration: Cozy Dormer Window Seat

For the first time in a few weeks (months?), we are experiencing gloomy, overcast weather here in the northeast; the stretch of clouds and rain is much needed for the outdoors, and it has put me into a wonderfully cozy mood. That cozy mood has me daydreaming about my ideal rainy day reading nook, and while the ones I’ve featured here on the blog would do just fine, the following space just feels like the ideal place to spend a rainy day without any frills or extravagances, except those within the pages of books (I have once again turned to Houzz—not sponsored or affiliated, just giving credit—to provide me the space I’m looking for).

Knowing what little I do about house architecture, I’m assuming this is a dormer, based on the ceiling shape and height, and the window placement. Based on the title of this space on the Houzz website, “Farmhouse Attic Master Suite”, I am confident in imagining this is part of the attic, or “attic”, as the ones I’m familiar with are more like crawl spaces. Anyway, the “attic” descriptor really drew me in—it makes me think private, hidden away, snug—and the following are what make me love this reading nook completely.

  • The window seat and pillows. It looks like the window seat isn’t built in, which I like because it means there is opportunity for reorganizing the minimal furniture in the space. I also love the amount of pillows—although I wouldn’t mind a few more.
  • The built-in bookshelves. This reasoning is pretty simple: I love built-in bookshelves pretty much unconditionally.
  • The “tables” and lamps. If you saw the above photo and starting imagining what sort of historical books, antique objects, or additional pillows (and blankets) are stored in the trunk, we are now friends. And if that stack of books is actually a table, *swoon*! And if it’s a stack of actual books, I’m still swooning because putting a lamp on a stack of books is exactly the sort of thing I would do. And these lamps are the best type of reading lamp in my opinion, because they are subtly decorative and absolutely functional. The base of the shades are wide for more light distribution, and I can tell they use a pully design to make the “arm” of the lamp move so the light could be directed in a higher or lower position. And on dark rainy days, artificial light is a necessity for reading.
  • A hardwood floor. Again, the reasoning is simple here: I love hardwood floors pretty much unconditionally. Plus, the wood grain and tones of this one are objectively stunning.

What do you think of this space as a reading nook? Is there something it’s missing, does it satisfy your reading nook needs, or maybe it completely misses the mark? Share your thoughts below.

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