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There’s Something About a “New” Blog

Hello, and welcome to my new blog platform.

Why have I moved from Weebly to WordPress? I am happy to tell you.
After limited functionality; a lack of design features; countless issues with posting to Twitter and Facebook; having to save all of my posts in a Word document because of the threat of having posts deleted randomly when I hit “publish;” having half or snippets of posts published while the rest was lost to a black hole in cyberspace; countless crashing and rebooting instances; and my newly-developed love for WordPress; I decided to make the switch.

In summary, Weebly caused me so much frustration that it was a chore to post to my blog, and that was disheartening. This is a fresh start, and I have a whole nest of ideas to start posting. Yes, a nest – my thoughts are almost always a jumble of random things that apart look like clutter, but when strung together through meticulous writing become a beautifully organized train of thought or story (I hope) that I get excited to tell.

So, what have I kept the same?
1. The title of my blog is the same with one small alteration to the web address: it’s a WordPress domain instead of Weebly.
2. I am continuing my Sunday Morning Thoughts and Word of the Day features.
3. My self-proclaimed witty sarcasm, and promotions or mentions of ideas and campaigns that I feel everyone should be aware of will still be here.

What have I changed?
1. The layout, obviously. Since I am forever indecisive this may change frequently, or maybe I’ll keep the same one for the sake of consistency. We’ll see.
2. WordPress sets up the menu and tab options a little differently than Weebly (or I haven’t figured out how to format them – always a work in progress). So you won’t see my Choice Words tab, instead I have decided to include a Photos page that I will use as a gallery for my adventures in Maine and elsewhere.
3. But OMG, how will we get our Words of the Day and grammar tips (flatter me by pretending this is your reaction)?!??! Don’t worry, while they won’t be on a separate page, I will still be writing them. You can access them individually by browsing through the Archives or Category drop down menus to the right of the page.

A few of my readers have asked to subscribe to my blog, and on Weebly it was not clear how to add a widget for readers to subscribe. But alas, dear WordPress made it easy for me to add such a widget, so on the right hand side you will see a Subscribe button, and if you so wish you may choose to be alerted or receive my posts through your email each time one is published.

I think I have included everything, so I thank you for your patience and for following me to WordPress. And as always, stay tuned.

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