NaNoWriMo 2019 | Week 2 Update

We are officially halfway through National Novel Writing Month – can you believe it? I hardly can.

This update is a quick one, and I’ve sort of included a “life update”, so if you’re interested in knowing how my second week of NaNoWriMo went and why it went the way it did, just keep reading.

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Just like last Friday when I sat down to write the Week 1 Update, I have no plan to work on my WIP tonight. I have a face mask waiting for me, some rosé chilling, and The Italian by Ann Radcliffe sitting on my bedside table (where it’s been all week crying out to me as I’ve fallen asleep earlier than expected). If you have been following my NaNo Twitter thread, you already know this hasn’t been the greatest writing week for me. I had a couple of good days but for the most part, writing has been slow or non-existent.

So where am I in terms of word count? Over the past week, I wrote a total of 6,288 words, and as of today, November 15th, I have written a total of 15,155 wordsSince today marks the halfway point of the 50,000 word challenge, I should be much closer to 25,000 words than I am. However, I’m not fretting too much; I am going to try to close that gap this weekend. Wish me luck!

As I mentioned in my last update and across social media, I am settling into my new job, which I absolutely love. I left a job where I enjoyed my work when there was enough of it, but every other aspect wasn’t adding any value to my life in general. I’m only three weeks into my new job, and I honestly feel like a different person, or at least the person I wish I had spent the the last five years becoming. It’s just a really great place to spend my days (I am now actually excited to get out of bed every morning), I interact with my wonderful team members and coworkers regularly throughout the day because the work is collaborative and fresh (instead of having a few conversations with other people once or twice a week about the same topics and issues), and there are so many perks I can hardly wrap my head around. It has just made me feel happier in every way, shape, and form.

I think this attitude is helping me stay optimistic about my NaNo goals, because I really feel as light as air. I have been doing what I can, and I’ve made explicit plans and schedules for weekend days or specific days of the week when I need to just sit down and write – and I feel good about that. Even though I’m behind in my word count, I still overall feel in control.

I will end this post by saying that my goal for the weekend is to reach 25,000 words. I am also going to be planning some blog content, and oh I don’t know, maybe I’ll even read!! My eyes have been closing just about every recent evening that I’ve tried to read before bed, and I’ve been missing the dozens [it seems] of books I’ve started in the last 60-90 days.

I hope your first fifteen days of NaNoWriMo have been successful – however you choose to define that, and here’s to working hard and passionately for the final fifteen days. We can do it!

Share your second week experiences below, and/or something great that has happened to you in the past one or two weeks – related to your WIP or otherwise.

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