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Top Ten Favorite Bookmarks

That Artsy Reader Girl hostsΒ Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly themed blogging meme for book lovers. This week, the theme is “Favorite Bookmarks”, so keep reading to see which ones I consider to be favorites from my personal collection.

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Bookmarks

1. &9. Snowman & Turtle Wooden Bookmarks

There is one Maine bookstore (with multiple locations) that I can always depend on for these wooden bookmarks. I really can’t help myself when it comes to browsing the available cutout designs – they are so simple and yet so charming.

Now, while these bookmarks aren’t very thick, they are more thick than an ordinary paper bookmark, so I rarely use them in my books. They do well in paperback books and are great for temporarily holding my place in a book – like if I need to get up and get a drink before continuing to read – but for the most part they are purely decorative and sentimental.

2. V&A Bookmark

This bookmark is made by That Company Called If, and all of their bookmarks in the V&A line feature “vintage fabric and home interiors designs” as well as a ribbon. Mine happens to be decorated with the likeness of a dress fabric that was designed by artist George Sheringham, and is property of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I really like this bookmark because its design is just as transportive as the books in which I place it.

3. Metal K Bookmark

In case you are new here, my first name is Kelsey, so this is a semi-personalized bookmark that slips over pages. I typically put the K on top of the page I’m on, so the square frame sits behind it. Again, it’s a simple bookmark with a lot of charm, I think.

4. Magnifying “Glass” Bookmark

This bookmark came in a book box and it’s quite a novelty. The magnifying part isn’t the greatest, as you could accurately assume, but it does magnify a little bit and I think it’s a clever idea for a bookmark. It’s great for shorter books, too, in which regular sized bookmarks can sometimes be overwhelming.

5. Book Thong Bookmark

This is my most extravagant bookmark; I just love the aesthetic. It makes any book I put it in look fancy and more decorative. The only downside is that it only works in books the same length (or shorter) than the ribbon, but most of my books fit that criteria so it’s not a big deal to me.

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Bookmarks

6. Crochet Flower Bookmark

How delightful is this bookmark? VERY. A friend gifted this to me, and I absolutely adore it. It works like the above bookmark, so there are book-height restraints, but that doesn’t bother me.

7. Folded Paper Corner Bookmark

I made this bookmark myself after watching a tutorial, and I may or may not have several more floating around my apartment because I got a little obsessed with making them. But this one is my favorite because it is blue and green and, again, simple.

8. My Bookmark Ruby Slippers

This is definitely my most whimsical bookmark, and I have several more on my wish list. If you are unfamiliar with My Bookmark bookmarks, the feet (or whatever object is on the end) stick out of the book, while the sturdy bookmark itself holds your place. This was also given to me as a gift, and I recommend it as a gift to any book lover/bookmark collector in your life.

9. See #1 above.

10. Leaf Wooden Bookmark

If you saw the image of my bookmarks above and thought, “Wait, where’s #10?”, I have an explanation for you. I have a third wooden bookmark that has a leaf cutout at the top, which I recently purchased in celebration of autumn. It has disappeared on me, unfortunately; I tore through my apartment in search of it when I was planning this blog post, but to no avail. I have absolutely no idea where it is. Fortunately, I did take a photo for bookstagram that had this bookmark in it, so I have included it below. Oh you pesky thing, where could you be…

And that is my list of Ten Favorite Bookmarks – did any catch your eye? Do you have a favorite bookmark (or bookmarks) in your possession that you would like to talk about? Share in a comment below, or add a link to your Top Ten Tuesday post – I would love to check it out!


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