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April TBR | 2020 Reading Challenge

This is the month in which I will fully leave my reading slump, right? Right?!

As I’ve written about in my Quarter 1 Wrap-Up and blogiversary post, the past three months have been a bit rocky, but now with nothing but time on my hands I’m ready to dive into a new TBR and get my reading back up to speed.

The three primary books on my April TBR are not new to me, however – they are rereads that fulfill my “edition goal” for this year’s Reading Challenge. Rereading a book I enjoy is something that has helped me out of past reading slumps, so I’m hoping that trend proves effective this month, too. The only other set titles on my TBR are books I’m reviewing, so with all this in mind, here is what I’ll be reading in April:

April 2020 TBR | Book Stack

I’m also hoping, in addition to getting out of this reading slump, that I will get in the mood to read the books from my previous months’ TBR lists. I have already finished the audiobook version of The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie, and am planning on finishing The Age of Witches today, so I’m feeling good about my reading momentum so far.

What are your reading goals for April? Do you have a set TBR or are you just picking up whatever catches your eye? Let’s chat in the comments.

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