2019 Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge | Final Update

The 2019 Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge has come to an end (officially tomorrow, June 30th), so I’m here with my final reading update. I finished Rose in Bloom, and although I said in my Halfway Update that I was going to start Work, I instead proceeded to the Stories & Other Writings portion of The Library of America edition I checked out of the library. My thoughts are as follows.

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2019 Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge | Halfway Update

<< The 2019 Challenge has ended. You can read my Wrap-Up here. >>

Despite feeling like June just started, we are now closer to the end of it than the beginning. I’ve decided to use this [just over] halfway point to talk about my progress with the Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge. You can learn more about this Challenge in my introductory post and at In The Bookcase; otherwise, keep reading for my thoughts on Rose in Bloom so far.

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There's Something About a Book Tag

Life’s A Beach Book Tag

This book tag was created by The Left Handed Book Lover, who didn’t tag me, but recently posted a 2018 version so I’ll link that [here]. This book tag is not only made up of great categories, but since August is the last official month of summer here in Vacationland, I thought it would be fitting to do it now. So without further ado, here are my answers.

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