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    The First Day of Spring

    Spring has begun its transition into summer, and here in Maine, in the blink of an eye, summer will be transitioning into fall. Time is a subject that is easy to grow tired of, but I’ve become much more in tune and obsessed with it in the past few months. During the weekend before the first day of spring this year, for instance, time seemed to both stand still and fly by me in reality and in memory. Moments in time documented by photographs and notes resurfaced and were revisited, which both eased and heightened sadness, joy, pain, and all-encompassing nostalgia.

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    March Reading Challenge: Introduction

    We are rounding the corner of the second week of March, and since the official start of spring is just two weeks away, I’ve decided to set goals that are about cleaning out clutter and focusing on organization since the beginning of the year has been a little hectic. These goals carry over to my Reading Challenge, as I’m setting out to read two books that have either been sitting in my bookshelf or have received many “renews” from the library. Adding books to my “Read” list is an official bookish spring cleaning activity. For this month, I’m going to be reading two novels by authors towards whom my love has…