A Cold Has Entered the Building

Hello all,


I’ve been stricken harder than usual by the weather/temperature fluxuations of late and stresses that come from adult life. My sleeping patterns are hindered by  interruption and restlessness, and thus, a cold has crept into my immune system and has rendered me exhausted, grumpy, sniffly, drowsy, feverish, and perhaps the best of them all: without an appetite.


I’m chopping away at my discussion for the February Reading Challenge, but my physical exhaustion has crept into my mental spaces, leading me to space out and become unfocused. I would like to say that I’ll be finished by the end of this week, but honestly, this cold is going to do what it wants. At least, that’s what I can assume from experience.


Anyway, I’m off to drink some OJ before bed (taking a break from tea) and pop a couple of Advils (I’m not about that Nyquil life), so I thank you for your patience and bearing with me as I try to soothe my body back to clarity. Goodbye cold, hello health!

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