A Litte Bit of Nothing

Happy Sunday night, friends. Like others who have a frequently consistent 9-5 or 8-4 weekday work or school schedule, my Sunday night is a combination of preparation (food prep, clothes prep, weather prep, among others) and milking the last few hours of relaxation, hobby, or blogging time. For the past 4 months, my Sundays have consisted of football watching and eating horribly delicious food, be it lunch for a 1:00 game or snacks throughout the afternoon and evening and half of the night for the rest of the “presentations,” as the NFL so eloquently describes the tackling, hitting, and rugged gameplay broadcast on my television.

I haven’t been too active this weekend in regard to my blog; I visited the Portland Public Library Friday after work and checked out Judy Blume’s An Unlikely Event – a childhood favorite author and a new book I’ve been wanting to read for some time now – and Atlas Shrugged, an Ayn Rand classic that I have been aching to experience again. In addition to those, I’ve been reading for my Reading Challenge and dipping into The New Yorker every now and then. I also spent yesterday afternoon watching the New England Patriots win their divisional game (yeah yeah!), and last night looked on as the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals played right until the end of regulation and into overtime. The first 2016 show for Saturday Night Live aired shortly after, and I ended my Saturday (actually, started my Sunday) laughing and admiring; and being overjoyed with the appearance of an old cast favorite (who also happens to be a creator of Portlandia) who appeared for the show’s commemoration of David Bowie.

Today was spent with my sister, watching many of my favorite people in comedy in the movie Sisters in a theater that serves you food and drinks in your seats (side bar: why isn’t this standard movie theater practice?). If you’re still waiting to see it, it’s hilarious, see it tonight if you can. After doing a little grocery shopping, I reserved the last hours of my Sunday for reading, scattered watching of the last two divisional football games, and deciding not to leave this weekend post-less.

Always trying to focus my posts on book industry news, random book thoughts, or constructive discussions, I tend to stray away from these “brain-dump” diary-like entries for the sake of contributing thoughtful ideas rather than telling my followers and other bloggers what I did each day from the moment I woke up to when my head touched the pillow, or the couch cushion, each night.

But for some particular reason tonight, I’m feeling a little brain dumpy, primarily because more creative or ambitious words and thoughts are not coming as fluidly as I would like them to, but also because reflecting on my weekend through these words has given me the hour of calm focus that I needed for relaxing and recharging before I dive into planning and preparing for the days and weeks ahead. So thank you reader, for following along and putting up with my journal entry post – I’m now feeling a little ridiculous for sharing it here rather than just writing it in one of my bound journals, so before I make up my mind to delete this because of the ridiculousness I am going to click “post,” and return your Sunday evening time I’ve been hogging. Have a wonderful, fulfilling week!

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