The SIPB Summer Tag

I am part of the Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers group on Facebook, and Amelia from You Can Always Start Now (and a moderator of the group) set up this tag to celebrate the summertime. Let’s get started.

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What is your favorite summer holiday destination?

Camp! Close to the woods, bodies of water, and nothing to do but r e l a x.

What is your favorite childhood memory of summer?

Um, they all have to do with my answer above.

Which do you prefer: ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Ice cream!

What is your go-to dinner on a hot summer evening?

A salad or cereal.

What is your favorite BBQ food?

Definitely chicken with corn and brussels sprouts.

Share a song that takes you back to an amazing summer.

Eerrmm, nothing is coming to mind. I guess since I’m having a pretty fantastic summer this year I’ll mention a song that I’m obsessed with now? Does that count? It’s Robyn’s new song Missing U (no, I’m not going through a break up, this is just the first release from her in years and it’s just as catchy as her other music and I’ve been jamming to it almost every day).

How do you beat the heat in the summer?

Think of fall. Or go swimming.

Do you prefer swimming in the ocean or a pool?

I prefer to swim in a lake, to be honest, but between ocean and pool I’d say pool. The ocean here in Maine is great for running into and then running out because it is so cold.

Do you prefer to travel with family, friends or solo?

I prefer to travel solo to go see family and friends.

Flip flops or barefoot?


If you’re interested, be sure to check out the SIPB Facebook group [here] and comment below if you complete this tag! I’d love to see your answers.


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