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June TBR | 2020 Reading Challenge

Hello summer months, and hello halfway point of 2020! I can’t believe it either, and although there are many books I want to finish in June, there are not many on my set TBR list.

But before I get into that, I just want to mention that May was my best reading month of the year (so far). I read so many great books, and I hope my strong reading streak continues into this month (and the rest of the year, really). That slump I was in for most of the beginning of the year is over—knock on wood.

Now onto June.

This month’s TBR is going to be different than the ones that have come before it. I am participating in the 20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge, and as such, the majority of the books I will be reading this summer will be the ones on that TBR list. I’ve decided not to designate specific books to specific months, so it’s possible that I will be reading any of those books during the month of June.

There are a couple of blog tours I will be participating in during this month, though, so those are the books I will definitely be finishing before the end of June:

  • Harbinger by Olga Gibbs
  • Crossing in Time (Between Two Evils #1 by D.L. Orton
    • Audiobook (Scribd)
    • Blog Tour Review on June 23rd

And as always, any book on my previous TBRs that I still have yet to finish are also up for grabs – I’m about to have a very busy summer of reading…

What are your reading goals for June? Do you have a set TBR or are you just picking up whatever catches your eye? Let’s chat in the comments.

2020 Reading Challenge Header Photo


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