October Wrap-Up 2022

Happy November! October went by in a flash…

The first two weeks (and weekends) of October were spent soaking in all the Maine foliage as the leaves hit their peak fall colors. As the leaves have fallen and the weather has fluctuated between what feels like spring and “don’t forget, winter is coming” temperatures, I’ve read a few things, tried a couple of new-to-me recipes, and gotten sick again. Luckily this time it’s “just” a head cold, but it is lingering which I simply do not have the patience for. Okay, that’s all the griping I’ll do here on the internet — onto the point of this post.

Books Read

  • And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
    • This was my book club’s pick for the month, so I got to listen again to the audiobook (and got a physical copy for my shelves). This time around I did pick up on a couple of maybe-hints at who the murderer was, and the whole premise and theme of the murders still delighted me.
  • Irresistible You by Kate Meader
    • Scribd ebook
    • I read a couple of Kate Meader’s books this summer, and while this novel didn’t severely play into stereotypical male + female gender roles, it definitely went too hard with the “daughter has to impress father even though he was a piece of sh*t” plot. Our main character also has to face her abuser multiple times and it’s a bit sickening. This is part of a series that features the main character and her sisters, but I don’t think I’ll continue reading.
  • One Week to Score by Kate Meader
    • Scribd ebook
    • This one did not include a lot of gender stereotypes, but the means-to-an-end plotline (purposely breaking up a wedding to then get the girl/jilted bride) had me looking forward to the last page/finishing the book.
  • A Game of Chance by Emma Shortt
    • Scribd ebook
    • I really enjoyed this, from the plot to the romance. The story is a bit cheesy and some details are a bit far-fetched, but overall the mystery was fun to play along with; I haven’t read a romance like it.

Books I Did Not Finish

Once again these are not DNF’s [derogatory], just books I did not get around to finishing.

  • The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica
    • My dear coworker who lent this to me keeps asking why the heck I haven’t finished reading it yet…it’s so good! But I keep getting distracted by other books…
  • Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu
    • This has been my bedtime book, and although it’s a short novel, I have been falling asleep after reading only a couple of pages (due to being tired, not bored by the story).
  • Dessert Can Save the World by Christina Tosi
    • This book is one of those aforementioned distractions. I’m enjoying the stories and quippy advice from the founder of Milk Bar – the content (recipes, gift giving guides, for example) between the chapters are quite fun too. I recommend watching her episode of Chef’s Table (Pastry) on Netflix if you’re able to.
  • Two other library books…
    • I honestly should not be allowed to be a patron at a no-late-fee library. I just have no self-control.

There was one book I DNF’d in October that I will not be getting around to finishing based on not enjoying it.

  • Call Me by Alison Kent
    • Scribd ebook
    • I was really looking forward to a whirlwind, cowboy romance that started with risqué phone conversations. But there are too many inner monologues about finding a good wife and having children to carry on the family name/legacy for me to enjoy the story.

Blog Posts


For the near future I’m going to be working on getting over this head cold, and while I will be posting a November reading preview, I’m going to keep it light. Not just because my reading every month this year has been consistently light, but because I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month! Stay tuned for posts about my progress.

As always, I’d love to hear about what you’ve been reading (including any blog posts you’ve enjoyed lately), and would love to know how you’re feeling with two months left in the year…

Let’s chat in the comments.


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