Magic of Love

From middle school crushes to high school flings to long term relationships, [romantic] love has never meant the same thing to me. A rush; an obsession; dependence; passion; companionship. It’s never the same and yet, that four letter word is usually applied. To truly find its meaning, you can look to the dictionary but that surely does not do love justice. You can look to others in love, and make a list of the things you like and don’t like; admire and detest. You can watch the most classic romantic movies, read the most classic love stories, and seek out exactly the right characteristics that you experience through fiction.

But love is not that easy. Love requires some level of compromise, and that dirty word dulls the shine of ideal love that you’ve witnessed through your favorite movies and novels.

But love is tricky and sometimes it will be dull, although most of the time it will bring such light and effervescence to your heart, soul, and life that you think would shine a spotlight on the very secret(s) of love, but no; that overwhelming light blinds you and warms you and fills your mind with the thoughts that somehow you’ve figured it all out, when really you have no idea what you’re doing.

That surprise is crucial to love, and we all experience it differently – individual love for each individual – so the best we can do is share our individuality in love while knowing that really figuring it all out would extinguish the magic of that four letter word.

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