Not Sharing and Over Sharing

Recently, Adele stopped a show in Italy to berate a fan in the audience who was recording the performance on a video camera, in defense of her real-time performance and those who were unable to attend the concert and not see Adele in “real time” themselves.

More recently (this past weekend), I took approximately four Snapchat videos during a concert I attended in addition to a handful of okay-quality pictures. I could say “I did it because other people were doing it” but really, I did it because I wanted to capture some of my favorite moments and share them with those who weren’t there, or those unfortunate enough to accidentally click my Snapchat story.

Now, approximately four Snapchat videos that are under ten seconds each are not as “bothersome” (I think) as someone recording an entire show, but they do have at least one thing in common: they are driven by the need to capture and share.

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It is here! My new domain, my new design, and what I hope will become a more consistent place to channel my thoughts.

I stuck with WordPress rather than an entirely solo website, partly because I don’t understand websites enough to be confident in going “out on my own,” and partly because I really love using WordPress. I still don’t totally understand what is going on, but I consider that part of the fun.

The email associated with my blog ( is up and running, so feel free to contact me with any thoughts of yours, or leave a comment here. Learn about what led me to blogging and what led me to my domain name in my About Me section. I still feel a little shaky on this new bloggish ground, but my footing is becoming stronger.

Read my March Reading Challenge recaps, and see what is in store for April. I have no podcast suggestions this month, mainly because the past few weeks have found me quite busy with this redesign, being sick, and reading. I’ll start my suggestion list back up in May.

Finally (for now), I’m planning on doing a “what I learned” sort of post for the process of going from where my blog was to where it is now. If you have lessons of your own that you would like to share, leave a comment and I’ll link back to you. Stay tuned for more updates and my posts, and as always, thank you for reading.



New Site – Same(ish) Blog

Hi everyone,

So I’ve committed to changing my blog from a “” domain to its own domain, and the process has already presented itself as simple (thankfully), and has, I feel, exposed me as a novice in the website-domain-owning world (I admit hesitantly). I thought I would have to export all of my content and then import it to the new domain, but the beautiful, magical wizards of WordPress have already redirected everything, or at least are in the process of redirecting everything – is this because I registered the domain while upgrading my blog? – so by now you can see my new URL (eek!).

For the next week/week and a half I will be working on a redesign and developing a feature (or features) that I’ve been longing to incorporate into my blog for at least a couple of months now. To do this discreetly, I was hoping to just build my new website while my current “” site stayed visible, so now I’m sort of scrambling to organize myself and my blog in a way that is minimally disruptive to readers and my followers – for now this post will do, but if I end up deciding to disable the URL (can I even do this?) I will announce it on Twitter and Instagram.

Regardless of this little setback in my expectations, I’m excited to finally have my own domain and a handle that I like and don’t despise/have been waiting to rid myself of for over six months (yes, it is almost the same now but it’s different). Cheers to this new adventure, and I welcome all comments/suggestions/criticisms! See you on Twitter, Instagram, and at my new launch!


– KM

What’s Going On When Nothing’s Going On

What drives a blog is, of course, its writer/photographer/artist/owner, and the content created by that writer/photographer/artist/owner. As a novice blogger, I consider very accomplished bloggers, or accomplished individuals or organizations with successful blogs, mentors in my blogging adventure, apart from inspirations in my life adventures. However, by following fellow novice and developing bloggers like myself, I’m also continuing to learn from and be inspired by their trials and errors, and gaining (as well as offering) support while I work through my errors and toward success.

Between all of these people, my professional and personal experiences, and my reflective, dreamy soul, it should be simple to produce something worth reading all the time (I think). But much of the time my writing ends up as Drafts, deleted, or it stays in my notebook surrounded by little colorful drawings of flowers and random squiggles. So every now and then, my blog lies dormant because what I think are good posts-in-the-making turn out to be disappointments [to me]. When dormancy occurs, this doesn’t mean that I’m not obsessing over my blog or thinking about what to write; just the opposite is occurring, in fact, so since the momentum I require to feel good about a post is presenting itself now, I will let you in on what goes on behind the scenes of my blog when nothing is going on.


Brainstorming about what I’m going to post about next. The idea-flow runneth over. Sometimes it gets a little distracting and all-consuming, but I’ve been over this already (remember Drafts, deleted, stays in my notebook?).

Online shopping. Sometimes I’ll take a break from writing and do a little at-home shopping. It could be for  books, random Etsy creations, clothes, or home décor. Presently, I’m purchasing a jacket from L.L.Bean because they are having an excellent online sale.

Watching television. This is a habit I am desperately trying to quit. As productive as I want to be when I’m watching my favorite shows, it never really works out.

More brainstorming.

Trying to get published. This has been a frustrating endeavor, but I’m determined to share my stories in a literary journal or magazine.

Reading. Even when I am maintaining a regular post schedule on my blog I am reading; books, magazines, other blogs, book reviews, publishing news, and so on.

Thinking of domain names. This has been on my mind a lot lately, because *spoiler* my blog is long overdue for a proper redirect. I don’t like lugging around “Maine” at the end of the title, and I want to move to my own site, while keeping WordPress as my host. I’ve thought of a few new names, and have narrowed it down to two – my one year anniversary with WordPress is on April 2nd, so maybe that will be the time to cross over.

Tweeting. Twitter gives me more opportunity to connect with other bloggers, and, share industry news, literary info, and images that don’t need a whole blog post.

Instagramming. I love taking pictures of my books, and I love looking at other people’s images of their books. That is all.

Obsessing over blog stats. I do this too much, but I can’t help it. Seeing how people are directed to my blog and which posts they find interesting are helpful factors in what I decide to write about in the future. And actually seeing that people are reading my blog can give me the push I need to get that momentum rolling again.


So there it is, most of the activities that go on while nothing goes on here at my blog (in addition to working a full time job). Hey fellow bloggers, what goes on with you? Share your experiences, and thanks for reading.