March Wrap-Up 2022

The last week of March brought me my first head cold in over three years, so I was fully ready to move into a new month. But first, a little monthly review.

Books Read

My reading slowed down substantially in March, for really no other reason than a few general, big-picture responsibilities demanded more of my time. Fortunately, I enjoyed what I did read:

  • Bossman by Vi Keeland 
    • Scribd ebook
  • Best Friends with Benefits by Candy Sloane
    • Scribd ebook
  • Escalate by K.C. Ale
    • Scribd ebook
  • The Ventifact Colossus by Dorian Hart

Books I Did Not Finish

There are a few romance books I briefly dipped into throughout the month of March, but I don’t feel strongly enough about any of them [yet] to list them here (they could appear here or in “Books Read” sometime in the future).

Blog Posts


The past week has been mostly beautiful in terms of weather, and with daylight lasting longer than 4PM, I can feel the shift in my mood that typically occurs during this time of year. Springtime isn’t my favorite season, but I do always look forward to its refreshing qualities—this year is no exception. And with the start of a new month, I’m taking yet another stab at getting myself organized—making and following through with to-do lists is my main objective for April.

As always, I’d love to hear about what you’ve been reading, including any blog posts you’ve loved. Let’s chat in the comments.


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