Racing, swerving, changing lanes along the car-height cement medians, through green and yellow lights – stop; red. The brake pedal feels the pressure that the accelerator needed relief from. But not for long. Now rushing over the pavement, past the two-story houses and finally that long brick wall surrounding a regimented campus, which soon gives way to equally historic brick buildings and one more stop light; left lane…

Waiting. At first with just one other vehicle. A white van with Pennsylvania plates and a steel ladder attached to the roof. White lines make long lanes, soon to be filled from end to end with cars of all makes and from a number of places. At the edge of the world in one sense, but right in the middle of it in another…

If you can catch it, the sunrise is more captivating than the sunset; a statement of outstanding weight. The coffee onboard is fine; I wish I could order the breakfast sandwiches to be delivered to me every morning.

Reflection: in car windows, in the bathroom mirror, imagining your own in the surface of the water, and in yourself.

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