#AtoZChallenge: To Quit or not to Quit

It’s June 1st, which means I’ve officially failed the #AtoZChallenge (I’m only up to Q). Read on to see what I’ll fail next!

Okay, so that’s a little melodramatic but nonetheless, I failed the #AtoZChallenge. I do believe if it hadn’t been for the week of an expired domain I would have stayed on track, but life, and especially the internet, has its own agenda. I also dealt with (am still dealing with) personal issues due to the death of my grandfather this spring, and just haven’t been my averagely-moody self.  I have thought about quitting the challenge, but I think I will carry on through June. I only have nine letters left, after all. So stay tuned if you haven’t already rid yourself of my inconsistency.

And, if you have recently quit something and are feeling bad about it, or even great about it, rant, rave, or comment below and let us move on together!

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