#AtoZChallenge: On The Road

Bringing some attention to a part of my blog I’ve neglected myself, this #AtoZChallenge is dedicated to On The Road.

I started this feature to showcase bookish places I love, and while I’ve visited a few bookstores, cafes, and antique malls since my last post in October, I’ve done a terrible job talking about them here. I’m preparing for a trip to the west coast Portland, and since I have Powell’s Books on my itinerary wishlist, I’m going to list out a few more bookish locations I have yet to visit or write about* here for my #AtoZChallenge.

Sherman’s Maine Coast Bookshops – Boothbay Harbor, Camden, Damariscotta

Sherman’s is a chain of bookstores here in Maine, and although I have visited three of the six locations (Portland, Freeport, Bar Harbor), I would still like to visit each location before I write about any of them. This will be the summer I do so.

The Green Hand

Also in Maine, this “eclectic” used bookstore is one of east coast Portland’s many bookstores. Their storefront catches my eye every time I go by, and yet I still haven’t been inside. That will soon change.

Elements: Books Coffee Beer

Located in Biddeford, Maine, this bookstore combines three of my favorite things. I visited Portsmouth Book & Bar last summer, which was truly a wonderful place to spend a morning, afternoon, evening, and every waking [open] minute. I hope to visit Elements this summer, too.

Grolier Poetry Bookshop

If there’s anything better than a bookstore it’s a specialty bookstore. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Grolier’s has shot up to the top of my bookstore bucket list.

Crow Bookshop

This bookshop in Burlington, Vermont looks like a historical bookstore that could be found in Europe, but lucky for me, it’s in New England (and not Old England, heh heh). On the website they rightfully boast always-discounted prices, so I may just head their way now…

The Strand Bookstore

An 18-mile bookstore in my favorite city – The Strand is actually the happiest place on Earth. This should be on everyone’s must-see list.

What is your favorite bookstore, or a bookstore you need to visit ASAP? Share your suggestions and travels in the comments below.


*This is not an all inclusive list, as I’m leaving out locations I would love to visit but won’t in the near future, like Waterstones and Shakespeare and Company among many others.


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