April Wrap-Up 2021

Last month I was hopeful for more balance and reading in April. Much to my chagrin, I’m even deeper into a reading slump than in March.

Books Read

  • Prisoner of Love by Beverly Jenkins

I downloaded this ebook (Scribd) and read it in one sitting; it’s the only book that was able to hold my attention at all this month. Speaking of which, do you have any Beverly Jenkins recommendations?

Otherwise, I rarely had the focus for The Obelisk Gate (I’ve been ‘currently reading’ this for too long) or for anything longer than a poem. I wish I had a less dull report for the end of April, but alas my reading slump held fast.


The first month of the sixth year of this iteration of There’s Something About KM has now passed, and I found myself thinking a lot about my past self (selves?) throughout April – not writing about it/them though like a good blogger would (ha). Truthfully I feel a bit burnt out and scatterbrained, in addition to feeling bad about not wanting to work on my projects and goals – for those of you who have ever been in the same position, you know how it goes.

On the upside, I will be getting my second vaccine dose in just under two weeks, and I am really looking forward to my Classics Club read for May. It’s a reread (save for the last quarter of the book) so I hope it will get me back on a good reading track. My [very] mini herb garden is showing signs of life, my other indoor plants are thriving, and I’m looking forward to doing a little spring cleaning over the next few days. Bring on the new month!

What did you read (or not read) in April? Any recommendations? If you’ve written a Wrap-Up, feel free to link it in the comments. Onto May!


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