A Guide to Rainy Day Reading

I woke up this morning to raindrops outside; I noticed the impressions on the small river behind my apartment, and a local meteorologist confirmed the activity as I watched the news while getting ready for work. Oh, how I daydreamed about staying home, opening up a book, finishing that book, opening another, and so on, but – oh, the humanity! – I still had to go to work, far away from my bookshelves and piles of novels. I got some satisfaction when at lunch, I was able to live inside a few pages of the book that claims current residency in my bag: The Pier Falls.

By the time I left work the sun was shining and the rain was long gone, but I still had rainy day reading on my mind. So I decided to create a guide to this particular type of reading for the next time clouds decide to dominate the day. Follow closely…

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Going to the Beach: An Ocean-Side Reading Guide

Aah, summer; you have officially started. Beach days, beer festivals, concerts, and spending time in the great outdoors take up my time in these short, warm months, in addition to reading and dedicating many moments to refreshing and revisiting my To Be Read (TBR) list(s). My summer reading list is somewhat diverse, as is my list of books I want to read this year, in terms of genre and form. Depending on my travel (or non-travel) plans, my book selection will vary.

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