From My Bookshelf: Heartbeat, Flipped

This month I'm only featuring two titles From My Bookshelf - with good reason, of course. The two books, Heartbeat by Sharon Creech and Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen, have a single subject on their respective covers; the former is exceptionally drawn and the latter is full of whimsy. I have read both of these books, but they … Continue reading From My Bookshelf: Heartbeat, Flipped

From My Bookshelf: Silent, Secret, Bloom

This From My Bookshelf post is inspired by the spring equinox; I've chosen the following books because of their subject matter, covers, titles, and/or a combination of all three. This post features one of the few nonfiction titles living on my shelves, as well as an old favorite, and a childhood book: Silent Spring by Rachel … Continue reading From My Bookshelf: Silent, Secret, Bloom

Black Beauty | Reading Challenge 2017

For those of you who have read Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, it certainly won't surprise you that she wrote the book to "induce kindness, sympathy and an understanding of the treatment of horses." And while it is considered a classic children's novel, it really should [also] be required reading for individuals of any age. Particularly … Continue reading Black Beauty | Reading Challenge 2017

Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales: Sharing Joy and Sorrow

"There was once a tailor, who was a quarrelsome fellow, and his wife, who was good, industrious, and pious, never could please him." Sharing Joy and Sorrow is another example of a not-so-child-friendly fairy tale. Domestic abuse and sleazy activity is packed into less than 200 words, illustrating that a description of the negativity of … Continue reading Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales: Sharing Joy and Sorrow