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Summer Reading Challenge Wrap-Up

Happy first day of fall! Although my favorite month started 22 days ago, my favorite season officially starts now. Comfortable weather, pumpkins and apple picking, and a busy book publishing season coinciding with my need to maximize comfort as I get cozy under a warm blanket sans air conditioner are all things I look forward to. But first…

My Summer Reading Challenge is officially over. Once again, I was a little too ambitious, and sometimes distracted and/or lazy, to complete all of the titles I wanted to. Here is a summary:

Did Read:

Did Not Read:

  • Me Before You
  • Wilde Lake
  • Eligible
  • M Train
  • The Lost Landscape
  • It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying is Okay Too)

Books I Read Instead Of Those On My List:

  • Station Eleven
  • Things Fall Apart

Am So Close To Completing I Could Call Them “Read” But Will Not Because I’m Honest:

  • The Book of Life
  • The Fireman
  • Dubliners

I always stick to making these lists, but almost always fail – which as I type that realize I have laid out the definition of insanity. Oh well, another summer of reading has gone by, and for the rest of September I will be finishing these last three novels (and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child !!!) and potentially making time to read the “unreads,” along with whatever new/old books I come across. Can you believe there are only THREE months left to 2016? I need to get back to reading…

As always, thank you for following and reading along, especially in my times of MIA and uncertainties – I have gotten my new work schedule a little more under control so I’m hoping to decrease my flightiness and inconsistent writing substantially before the year is out. Happy reading!

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