NaNoWriMo 2020 | Week 1 Update

We have arrived at Day 7 of National Novel Writing Month 2020 – how are you doing? Hanging in there? Ready for more? Going out to stock up on your writing snacks? Getting some extra sleep? Whatever you’re doing to ready yourself for the next week of NaNoWriMo, I hope you take a little time to reflect on your progress so far.

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Currently, I am in the throes of an integral scene. But I need to refill my water and do some stretching, so I also wanted to take a moment to write this update. I still have a clear idea of where the scene is going to go, so I’m not worried about jumping right back in after taking this brief break.

At the time of this being posted (8:45pm, on Saturday, November 7th), I have written a total of 10,834 words. I broke 10,000 words early this evening, and am thrilled to have hit this milestone! I am quite likely to exceed 11,000 words by the time I’m done writing tonight — something extra to feel good about.

Something else I feel good about is having written every single day over the past seven days. My momentum has been superb, although yesterday (Friday) I really struggled to get the 552 words I logged. But what’s important is that I did write, and that not all of those 552 words are drivel…

In the past, I would take some time to talk about where I had been writing and different locations I felt most inspired in. But this is a pandemic year, so I’ve just been moving around my apartment—so far, the lack of significant scenery change has not impeded my writing sessions.

Last year, I wrote in my Week 1 Update that I wasn’t feeling as excited about my project as I was in 2018. I’m happy to report that I am once again feeling absolutely passionate about the plot points, scenes, and characters I’m exploring and further developing. I’m anticipating that this feeling will last.

So my first week of NaNoWriMo 2020 has gone quite well, and I’m feeling good about what next week will bring. I am aiming to reach that halfway word goal—25,000 words—by the end of next week; it will be here before I know it.

Feel free to share your successes, goals, or fails from the first week of National Novel Writing Month in a comment below, and if you are interested, follow my daily progress on Twitter or my NaNo profile.

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