Twelve Details for Twelve Months

Today marks one year since I debuted, and while I thought about doing a reflection post, a “what I’ve learned” sort of post, the thought of that at the moment bores me so instead, I’ll be offering up twelve details about myself to commemorate each month. Here we go:

  1. When I was a child, I had a box of dinosaurs I used to play with and be quite overprotective of. To this day, I will not let anyone touch them, although I admit now I don’t let anyone touch them [mostly] out of sentimentality.
  2. I’ve watched more Lord of the Rings movies than read Lord of the Rings books (because I’ve seen three? movies and have read none of the books at the time of this posting, although I have checked out The Fellowship of the Ring from the library so I do have an immediate plan to read them).
  3. My favorite books are hardcovers, decorative or not, that are slightly worn and at least sixty years old. There’s just something about them.
  4. I am obsessed with Lego video games (PlayStation). My favorites are Harry Potter and Marvel Avengers.
  5. I grew up loving lakes and brooks and rivers, but I’m starting to realize the ocean is what really takes a hold of my soul and I’m not sure how I feel about that.
  6. Sometimes I get over-reflective and obsessively caught up in my feelings.
  7. The hours between 7AM and 11AM are my favorite – and actually, it’s an indisputable fact that they are the best hours of the day.
  8. I’ve recently discovered tea tree shampoo and thank goodness I did.
  9. My favorite month is September. It is the perfect time in between summer and fall when the air is cool but still comfortable and the sun is still out for most of the day. It’s also my birthday month; a slight coincidence.
  10. My biggest pet peeve is when an age-old practice, hobby, or action becomes trendy as if it never existed. Like farming. Or shiplap. Or writing letters to people.
  11. I volunteer for the Maine Alzheimer’s Association, and am helping plan the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s which you should definitely learn more about and take part in.
  12. I’m currently trying to grow Basil and Oregano in my apartment, and it’s actually going well! There are cute sprouts that I can just tell are full of life and spice.

Well there you have it. Twelve details about me. Thank you so much for following and reading along for the past year, and/or since I’ve started blogging. It’s been a great outlet and fellow bloggers have been an amazing source of inspiration for me. Here’s to more years, improved writing, and greater adventures!

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