The #PickledBlogs Tag (and Pickled Blog Project)

I am finally completing this tag, created by the lovely Em Linthorpe, in conjunction with the creation of her Facebook group – the Pickled Blog Project. This group consists of a number of bloggers sharing, promoting, and supporting each other. Many of us in the group were saddened by the closing of Big Up Your Blog, a fantastic support system (Facebook group) created by Suzie Speaks, but luckily for us Em – who also helped Suzie with BUYB – welcomed those of us who were interested into her Pickled Blog Project Group (if you weren’t aware of Facebook blogging groups like this and would like to know more, including others I’m a part of, drop me a line here).

Book lovers and bloggers who are here, this tag isn’t going to be directly book-related, but it’s short and fun so I would love for you to stick around. It’s like a whimsical take on a get-to-know-me tag, and if you’d like to read more about how it came to be, click here.

Now that I’m [mostly] done rambling, let’s get into the tag. First, the rules:

  • Answer the questions.
  • Link back to this very post.
  • Use the hashtag #PickledBlogs on any social media shares so everyone can find your post, and in the title of the blog post too if you like.
  • Feel free to tag some of your blogging friends at the end.

#PickledBlogs Tag Post | Pickled Blog Project

Okay, now the fun part:

What is your favorite pickled item to eat?

A pickled cucumber.


Tell us about a time you were in a “bit of a pickle” (tough situation).

Hmmm, the one that comes straight to mind is a little fender bender I was in maybe a year ago now. It was completely my fault, but luckily the other driver was fine and there was very minor damage done to my vehicle and the car I nudged. The other driver gave me her information and I was about to do the same with mine, but she wouldn’t take it. She straight up refused, saying that because the accident was my fault, I had to be the one to report it. I told her that I was going to report it, but that she needed to take my information to give to her insurance company so if she wanted to get the small ding and scratches out of her rear bumper, I would be the one to pay for it. But she kept refusing. She ended up just getting in her car and driving away. I was completely at a loss for what to do. Later, I did report it to my insurance company, which YES I UNDERSTAND was not a logical thing to do because yes, my rate did go up, but not reporting it would have eaten away at me.

Does that count?

Pickle Rick, a character from Rick and Morty, is a personal hero of Em’s. Who are your heroes?

My mom, certainly (teacher, close confidant, giver of life), Michelle Obama, Madeline Miller, Mindy Kaling, Amy Poehler, Aubrey Plaza, and April Ludgate.

If you had to live in a jar, what three items would you take with you?

Let’s say it’s a huge jar, and therefore I would take my full bookcase, a bottle of wine that never ran dry, and a DVD player pre-loaded with all seasons of The Office.

And that concludes the #PickledBlogs Tag. I tag YOU – so if you fill this out be sure to link back to Em’s post and keep on picklein’.



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