My 2018 Plum Paper Planner

With the end of the year drawing near, it’s time to finish this year’s goals, tasks, and to-dos and start planning for what we want to accomplish in – *gulp* – 2018. If you are like me and prefer to start the new year with a fresh planner, then this post is for you. If you start a new planner at a different time of year, this post is also for you. Below is a quick rundown of my new planner from Plum Paper – and I hope if you’re looking for a new way to organize your days you will check out all that Plum Paper has to offer (this is not a sponsored post). And if you are a fellow Plum Paper user, share your love in the comments!

I’ve been shopping Plum Paper for a few years now – initially on Etsy, and as they grew, on their beautiful website. Although they are now a little bigger, customer service, selection, and quality have remained exceptional. In addition to ready-made and personalized planners, Plum Paper offers notebooks, stickers, planner add-ons, and more. I have only purchased personalized planners and notebooks, so those are the products I can (and do) vouch for.

If you would like a personalized planner by the beginning of the year, I would recommend ordering ASAP to ensure you get it in time. Plum Paper typically gives a generous lead time for personalized planners, but I’ve always received mine before the given date. For example, this year, I ordered mine on October 31st, it was shipped on November 6th, and was delivered on November 13th (via UPS). Which is great! Except, now I just want to use my new planner although I still have one and half months left in my current one…

Anyway, here are some of the details of my new planner:

[Tear-Proof and Waterproof] Cover: Areca Palms (featured pattern) is the print, and I chose the flowery shape with my initials inside. The color of the shape and text is all up to you – I chose to match it with the print as best as I could. There are sixteen different font choices and fifty-one color choices for the text (there are more options for text or no text if you prefer), and dozens of patterns to choose from for the cover.

Size: This year I went with the 7″ x 9″ planner. I have always done the larger size, 8.5″ x 11″, and I like that size, I just decided to try the smaller one this time around.

Spread Preference: There are eleven formats for the inside. I prefer the Horizontal 2 (Two-Sided Days) with multicolored tabs and month pages.

Length and Extras: I selected the twelve-month option (Plum Paper offers up to eighteen months, each with an additional cost). What’s so great about this part of the ordering stage is that you get to select when you want the planner to start. At the time of this writing, you can select as far ahead as January 2019! The option for extras, or add-ons, comes at the end. From meal planning, wedding planning, and budget tracking to party planning pages, blog organization, gratitude pages, and oh so many more, you can really make the planner your own. With Plum Paper, personalization goes beyond just choosing your own cover and page format. This year, I chose to include a blog planning section. Currently I use a notebook to plan out and write notes for my blog, which has worked well, but I’m looking forward to using such an organized tool for staying on top of scheduling, social media, and various tasks.

Price: The total cost for my planner was $45.25. The blog section cost $4.50, which I think is reasonable for the amount of pages in that section. I think the overall price is quite reasonable; there are certainly great planners that are less expensive, but the personalization and layout are worth it to me. Plus, the cost is a great incentive for using the planner every day!

I honestly don’t have any complaints about my Plum Paper planner. There’s a folder in the back, contact pages, and plenty of note taking space in addition to the add-ons I selected. If you would like to explore Plum Paper, click here, or give your suggestions for other great planners or organizational tools in the comments below.


  • anhistorianabouttown

    I’m currently still with my Kate Spade planner, as they’ve finally landed on the perfect set up for me! They are 17 month planners, so I usually jump to the new in August, and use the remaining five months for more at home stuff. I do like your blogging pages!!! I’m currently using a bullet journal for my blogging planning, as I can’t seem to settle on what exactly I want to track/plan and how, but I’m hoping that I can finally pick something so I can purchase an actual planner for it!

    • kmac14

      I love looking at the new Kate Spade planners every year, but their size is mainly what holds me back – I like the large 8.5 x 11 size. Although this year I am trying out a smaller size than usual so I guess I can’t use that excuse anymore… 😉 And I typically prefer a journal for blog planning because I too cannot decide my exact strategy for scheduling. I’m hoping that these blog pages will help me make scheduling a more organized habit.

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