Plum Paper Notebook for Book Journaling

With summer in full force (i.e. a lot of days spent up at camp), I haven’t really had time to work on blog posts over the past couple of weeks. Plus, when I have had moments to brainstorm ideas or prepare a draft, I haven’t felt focused enough to get any solid work done.

All of this is to say that today’s post is nothing too thrilling or intuitive. It’s rather vain and consumerism-centric to be honest, because I want to show off the new notebook I just received in the mail.

quick disclaimer: this post is in no way sponsored, or in any other way supported, by Plum Paper

I’ve ordered from Plum Paper before, and they have always always exceeded my expectations – from the design process to the delivery times. I was a customer back when they were on Etsy, and have loved seeing what new items and styles they’ve added to their (wide selection) over the years. If you are looking for a personalized daily planner, blog tracker, notebook, or even a pen holder (and more), I highly recommend checking them out.

My most recent purchase is a notebook – a delightfully sized notebook with a bookish cover design and blank pages. I plan to use it for keeping track of the books I’ve read and will read, starting this year (I’m going to back track to January), in a sort of bullet journal style. And since my readers are bookish and many enjoy stationary/notebooks/the like, I figured I would share in case you too ‘need’ a new notebook or want to start keeping track of your books in a journal.


  • Large Journal, Blank Pages layout (6.75″ x 8.5″)
  • The cover design is called Library – Mint (under the Teacher category)
  • I chose the rectangle box with a line (so I can label the notebook from x year – y year)
  • The pages are thick enough so I can definitely use scrapbooking pens/marker pens, but permanent markers/pens do bleed through
  • $14 (plus shipping)

I love the colors and how the pattern looks randomized; both are definitely true to the imagery on Plum Paper’s website. And a confession: I also bought some stickers because I couldn’t help myself.

Let me know if you have any bullet journal-type tips for journaling which books I’ve read, or if you have any recommendations for other notebooks, journaling accessories, etc. – I’d love to check them out!


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