Online Book Clubs and Readalongs | 2020

Hello readers! While thinking about my own reading plans and goals for 2020, I decided to compile a list of online book clubs and readalongs to be used as an aid for when I’m feeling iffy about my current reads, or want to participate in and prepare for book discussions being held here on the internet. Below you will find a couple of my personal recommendations, others I’ve stumbled upon in the past few weeks, as well as recommendations from those who answered my social media polls (thank you). And please, if you are reading this now and will be hosting or participating in an open/public online book club or readalong in 2020, leave a comment or send me an email so I can add it to the list.

First though, I feel like I should elaborate on why I’ve narrowed this list down to book clubs and readalongs, and haven’t included readathons. The former two require the books to be pre-determined/chosen by the host and/or participants. Books chosen for readathons differ between each participant, and while there are many great ones out there (that I myself have participated in), they don’t fit the purpose of this list, which I mentioned in the paragraph above.

A Year With Christie Readalong

Books and Tea Book Club

Beyond the Binary Book Club

Bless Your Heart Book Club

Literary League In-Person and Digital Book Club

Royally Good Reads Book Club

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