M[A]Y to Z Challenge

April showers bring May flowers and a need for new projects. My basil and oregano plants are growing quite well, I’m starting to think about and organize summer plans, and the general better weather has put me in a seemingly everlasting great mood. With this great mood comes great motivation, which brings me to the point of this post.

I’ll be doing an A to Z Challenge for the month of May. From what I understand, the point of such a challenge is to get in the practice (or more practice) of blogging everyday. I’ll be honest with you – most of the posts in my A to Z Challenge will be written ahead of time, because if I have time to write three or four posts I’m going to do so. Some will be much shorter than others, and while the specific details of each will vary, they will all be book-related in one way or another (and most will have a coordinating #bookstagram post).

For anyone out there wondering what an A to Z Challenge is, I apologize for not explaining first. For 26 days in May, I will be writing about a topic corresponding to the letters of the alphabet. For example, A will be Apps, B will be Book of the Month, and so on. I’m not planning the specific days that won’t have Challenge post, although the next five days certainly will.

So there it is, my project for May. What are you going to be working on this month? Link your project(s) in the comments, and let me know if you’re also partaking in an A to Z Challenge. I hope you have a very productive and bookish month, and thank you for reading!

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