January Reading Preview | 2021

It’s my first Reading Preview of the year. If you missed my Reading Goals blog post, I mentioned that I am once again abandoning “strict” monthly TBR posts—after once again learning they only make reading the selected books feel obligatory. Instead, I will be doing monthly Reading Previews, where I’ll talk about what kinds of books I’m in the mood for, any blog tours or scheduled reviews I have coming up, mention any new books I’m anticipating, and whatever else comes to mind.

So with that introduction out of the way, here is my January Reading Preview.

Books On My Radar

From My Shelves

If you’re familiar with my most recent TBR or ‘currently reading’ lists, you know I am in the middle of multiple fantasy series. These will [ideally] hold most of my focus this month:

I also started The Man in the Brown Suit by Agatha Christie (Scribd audiobook) this morning, and in the likely chance that I finish that before the end of the month, I will start another Agatha Christie audiobook I have saved (Evil Under the Sun or Sleeping Murder: Miss Marple’s Last Case are the most recent ones I’ve saved).

Finally for books on my own shelves is a nonfiction book by Martin Luther King Jr.: Why We Can’t Wait (Penguin Books 1964).

In this remarkable book, Dr. King recounts the story of Birmingham in vivid detail, tracing the history of the struggle for civil rights back to its beginnings three centuries ago and looking to the future, assessing the work to be done beyond Birmingham to bring about full equality for African Americans. Above all, Dr. King offers an eloquent and penetrating analysis of the events and pressures that propelled the Civil Rights movement from lunch counter sit-ins and prayer marches to the forefront of American consciousness.

This book is still in print if it’s something you also want to read.

Reviews And Blog Tours

I have one review request to fulfill, from author Kellyn Thompson. I read and reviewed her book The Unexpected Inlander back in 2018, and agreed to read and review the sequel, The Modified Blueprint. It isn’t set to release until February 7th, so I’m aiming to reread The Unexpected Inlander (a revised edition) and The Modified Blueprint before then.

And I am scheduled for an early February Blog Tour spot for Fake by Roz Kay, so I’ll be reading it in the next couple of days.

Anticipated January Releases

Three books from my 21 Anticipated Fiction Releases of 2021 list will be released this month:

Reading Challenges

I have decided to join The Classics Club this year. First though, I need to compile a list of at least 50 classics I want to read (what constitutes a “classic” is determined by each participant). I’m looking forward to both make the list and join the challenge; it’s a bit daunting but overall exciting.

And that does it for my January Reading Preview. I hope you enjoyed this format; I think it better aligns with my reading habits and monthly outlook more than a standard TBR list or post.

If you are interested in seeing which books I do pick up throughout the month, keep an eye out for my WWW Wednesday posts, follow me on Instagram, or find me on Twitter. I would also love to know which books, reading challenges, or other bookish topics you are excited about this month. Feel free to share in the comments.

Happy reading!

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