Day 1/365

Happy New Year! I hope you were able to celebrate last night with friends, family, a loved one, a great movie, favorite book, or at least one co-worker you like. I indulged in an ice cream sundae, drank champagne, read Vinegar Girl, and reigned supreme in two Skip-Bo games. Nick & I welcomed 2017 with a kiss and shots, and now, 12 hours in, I have work on my mind and procrastination to pay for. So far, nothing has really changed!

Not that I’m complaining. I looked back at my first post of 2016, which was short, but full of optimism, hope, and a horrendous/wonderful “that was so last year” joke. I love fresh starts; they are [usually] rid of the baggage and detritus of the end of projects or tasks, and it just feels good to breathe new air and take a clean step forward. This year, I’m behind (shocker) on my December Reading Challenge, I have an outstanding freelance deadline, and my Goodreads lists are in dire need of updating. So while I’m barely “starting fresh” with this first day of the new year, I’m feeling focused and motivated to not take the hours of this day for granted.

This year, I’ll be turning 25. I’ve only been 24 for just shy of four months, so I hardly feel 24, but I’m actually excited to be a quarter of a century old. Today I am, anyway.

This year, I’m going to stop watching so much television so I can focus more on podcasts I like, my reading goals and challenges, and work. If you would like to talk to me about Penny Dreadful, Fox comedies, Parks and RecreationThe OfficeCommunity, or Penny Dreadful, drop me a line (this is the first and only time I will ever use that phrase). Especially if you want to talk about Penny Dreadful because I just discovered it and am obsessed. Particularly Season one, episode six.

This year, I will dedicate more time to planning. I love planning, but sometimes I like to think my brain will remember dates, deadlines, and grocery lists and end up forgetting more things than I remember. I got an amazing new planner from Plum Paper and one from Barnes and Noble (neither are sponsored) as well as new notebooks so I have no excuse not to take planning seriously.

This year, I will talk less and do more. I’m an avid dreamer, but dreams are not goals, and not recognizing that just leads to slacking off which I’ll admit, I’ve done too much of post-college.

This year will be productive, healthy, and happy. I will make it so regardless of a certain event coming up later in the month, and the related events that will follow. This year will see more dedication and attention and work.

For today, I will be writing posts for the books I did finish in December, and reading the one I didn’t. I’ll be brainstorming what my book will be for January, and finishing my freelance assignment. It looks beautiful outside so maybe I’ll take a walk to breathe in some fresh winter air, or, since I slept in, I’ll just open a window and keep working.

Thank you for following along with me here, on Twitter, and Instagram. I wish you a wonderful year, no matter the obstacles. Read more, love more, and go outside more. Make some positive changes, and continue your hard work. Read blogs, support artists, tip a little extra, and put on some music (for fellow Ed Sheeran admirers, did you see his announcement?! New music on Friday!). Call your parents, tell your sister you love her, and look at pictures of puppies whenever you can.

Happy New Year!

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