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From Your Bookshelf Announcement

There’s Something About Your Bookshelf

Hey there! Welcome to my formal announcement of the guest post series: From Your Bookshelf. Find all the published posts here, and keep reading for details and submission guidelines. 

<< I am currently accepting submissions for From Your Bookshelf. >>

You may be familiar with my monthly From My Bookshelf series, in which I select three books from my bookshelf and talk about them in a variety of capacities. And if you are not familiar with it and want to learn more, click here to browse all of the posts. 😊

I had the idea for an extension of this series a couple of months ago, and I figured a new year would be the perfect opportunity to start it. Basically, I want to know about a book from your bookshelf. So…

  • During the submission period, CONTACT ME with your name, your blog or website URL (book bloggers and non-book bloggers alike!), and a book from your bookshelf you would like to talk about. 
    • This book can be from your physical bookshelf, your ebook shelf, or your audiobook shelf. 
  • Once I respond to you with confirmation, write up to 500 words about the book. Talk about the cover, the story, your favorite part, or all of the above (THIS and THIS are two examples of different ways I’ve structured From My bookshelf posts). Send me the text, and I will publish it on my blog with your name or whatever title you prefer, your blog or website URL, and any social media links you would like to have included. 
    • If the cover and/or edition of the book is significant, please also attach a photo that is no more than 900 pixels in size. Otherwise, I will use an image from Goodreads (if Goodreads has your preferred edition, attach that photo). 
      • If you use Instagram and have posted a photo of the book, and your profile is public, I will embed the photo in the post if you so choose or prefer. 
  • This is not an opportunity to promote your own book. If you’re an author, great! I would love to read about and share your favorite book, but it cannot be your own.

I would like to publish at least one From Your Bookshelf post a month, starting in January 2019, to coincide with the one From My Bookshelf post a month. That may change once I know the volume of book lovers who are interested in participating, but I’ll cross that bridge if and when I get to it. I’m pretty enthusiastic about this endeavor, so I hope at least one person reading this is too. Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to hearing about a book From Your Bookshelf!



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