April and May Wrap-Up 2022

The days continue to fly past me, and I continue trying to achieve some sort of weekly stability and routine. I certainly did not intend for May to pass by without at least an April Wrap-Up and May Reading Preview, but here we are. At this rate, I’ll be regularly blogging again by 2023…

Books Read (April)

I did get through a handful of books in April, and once again fell in love with a blog tour book (like I did in March).

  • Make Me Crave by Katee Robert
    • Scribd ebook
  • Kiss Me by Liz Lincoln
    • Scribd ebook
  • The Carnival of Ash by Tom Beckerlegge
    • Blog Tour | Book Review
    • Paperback proof copy
    • The prose is gorgeous, and I can see myself rereading this in the future.
  • One Night of Sin by Elle Kennedy
    • Scribd ebook
  • One Night of Scandal by Elle Kennedy
    • Scribd ebook
  • One Night of Trouble by Elle Kennedy
    • Scribd ebook

Books Read (May)

  • Tangled by Emma Chase
    • Scribd ebook
  • The Negotiator by Avery Flynn
    • Scribd ebook
  • Kiss Me by Liz Lincoln
    • Scribd ebook
  • Fall Dark by Zoe York
    • Scribd ebook

Books I Did Not Finish

I sort of stopped keeping track of unfinished books because I kept starting new ones in both April and May.

Blog Posts


I visited the library for the first time this year in May, and the books I checked out will be the ones I focus on in June. Other books I spent some significant time with over the past two months include The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin and The Empire of Gold by S.A. Chakraborty—I’ll be honest, I’ve spent most of this year reading those two books—and Towards Zero by Agatha Christie.

I’ve thought a lot about what my reading and blogging hang ups seem to be this year, and I think I just need some purpose in my days and weeks (generally). I have gotten trapped in mundane repetition; it’s past time for me to find things to look forward to, even if it’s something as small as rearranging some furniture or going to a coffee shop after work instead of heading straight home. And I know this doesn’t directly relate to what I’m reading, but my hope is that if I can start thinking of my days as exciting again, that desire for the hobbies I still enjoy (because when I force myself to sit down to read or write a blog post draft I do feel joy) will burn as brightly as it once did. There’s no direction in which to move but forward.

As always, thank you for sticking around and reading my posts, as infrequent as they have become. I’d love to hear about what you’ve been reading, including any blog posts you’ve loved throughout the month. Let’s chat in the comments.

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