#AtoZChallenge: Apps

Happy May and welcome to Day 1 of my #AtoZChallenge. First up: A is for Apps. No, not appetizers. Although my favorite appetizers include (but are not limited to) wings, spinach and artichoke dip with bread, chips and salsa, and fried calamari. Mmmm. Anyway, the apps I'm actually talking about here are smartphone applications, which, … Continue reading #AtoZChallenge: Apps

My Quick Affairs with Productivity Apps

In the ever-growing technological environment of our world, or rather, my corner of the world, I have been mostly welcoming when it comes to new advances and programs that are designed to make our lives easier. I mean this in terms of organization and planning, and not in terms of being able to keep tabs on someone at all … Continue reading My Quick Affairs with Productivity Apps