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Outside Brattle Book Shop – Boston, Massachusetts

There’s Something About [Being Outside] Brattle Book Shop

Brattle Book Shop - One of America's Oldest Antiquarian Book Shops
Brattle Book Shop – One of America’s Oldest Antiquarian Book Shops

On my most recent trip to Boston, I stumbled upon a bookstore that has been on my must-visit bookstore list. Yes, stumbled upon it. I was in the city for a Bachelorette party, and we were on our way to an Escape Room on West St. To my absolute elation, the building in which the Escape Room was situated happened to be a few steps away from the Brattle Book Shop. I may have loudly exclaimed that since we were early for our scheduled activity we should visit the Book Shop, which includes an outdoor sales space full of carts of books.

To this space I immediately ran, and I have to say the charm of being surrounded by brick walls and a large mural, in addition to the many books, was thrilling. The subjects crossed the paths of religion, fiction, botany, even matrimony; sizes, shapes, and editions varied as well – I felt like I needed to touch every title and binding.


Brattle Book Shop - OutdoorsMuch to my dismay, there was not enough time to venture inside, where the majority of the magic is. I stared at the window displays for as long as I could, and marveled at the objects and tomes inside from my spot on the street. Reading their sign and afterwards visiting the Brattle Book Shop’s website increased my dismay, as they proudly wear the title of “one of America’s oldest and largest used book shops” (Est. 1825) with three floors, one of which is devoted to “rare & antiquarian books.” Be still, my heart.


I will soon return to 9 West Street to spend much more time with the contents of Brattle Book Shop, and add to my own library with as many books as I can fit on the train. Have you visited this glorious shop of books? Share your sentiments and adoration, and stay tuned for my impending return to this must-see Bostonian location.

Brattle Book Shop
9 West St.
Boston, Massachusetts

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