NaNoWriMo 2020 | Week 4 Update

We have arrived at Day 28 of National Novel Writing Month 2020 – how are you doing? Are you down to your last few thousand words? Have you already reached 50,000 words? Did you achieve any personal writing goals in the past week? However you’re feeling about what the last two days of NaNoWriMo have in store, I hope you take a little time to reflect on your progress so far.

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I haven’t yet written anything today (it’s 7PM), because I’ve actually managed to stay pretty focused on the work I planned to do today (a lot of backend blog stuff and some social media planning). I’m feeling pretty drained, so I don’t foresee myself writing as much as I have over the past week (see my daily updates here), but I will get some words typed out! I haven’t gone a day without writing, and I’m not planning on doing so this close to the end of the month.

My total word count is currently 43,111. Based on my writing history, it is quite feasible that I will reach 50,000 words over the next two days (and however many hours are left today). Not just this year’s writing history, either. In 2018, I wrote over 9,000 words on November 30th because I was determined to “win.” And in general, I work best under pressure, so I’m not sweating the amount of words I have left to write. And plus, I feel pretty accomplished with the amount of words I have written so far.

So onto the last couple of days of National Novel Writing Month. Feel free to share your successes, goals, or fails from the last full week of National Novel Writing Month in a comment below, and if you are interested, follow the last two days of my progress on Twitter or my NaNo profile. I’ll be back with a NaNoWriMo Conclusion post on December 1st, so keep any eye out for that too if you’re interested in reading a complete summary of my NaNoWriMo 2020 success.

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