NaNoWriMo 2017

Another year, another National Novel Writing Month. I’m feeling particularly excited for NaNoWriMo this time around, because I’ve been busy with freelance writing this fall and my work as a Copywriter, as well as getting things published here on my blog. I’m hoping my productive streak will continue on in the quest to write 50,000 words, and not transform into the dreaded burnout.

If you are unfamiliar with NaNoWriMo, you can find all the information about it on their website (here). Basically, during the month of November, writers of all experience levels are challenged to write a 50,000 word novel. I have never accomplished this, but many writers have achieved great success in the sense of getting their novels published. Throughout the years, NaNoWriMo has become a great community for writers to connect and share their stories, which means there’s a great support system available to participants (there are even pep talks available from well-known authors!).

Speaking of which, if you would like to participate or just learn more about NaNoWriMo,Β  visit their website and take a look around. For those of you who are participating, I’d like to remind you (or inform you) of all the resources available on the website for prep work, general tips, and strategies for making National Novel Writing Month as fruitful as possible. I also recommend checking out author K.M. Weiland’s guides to NaNoWriMo, and her books on writing if you so choose.

The last thing NaNoWriMo related – add me as a writing buddy! My username isΒ theressomethingaboutkm (you can leave your username in the comments below, too, so I can find you!). Good luck to you!

Oh, and one more thing – I’ve reached 100 followers here on my blog! I’m pretty excited about this, and it is serving as another source of NaNoWriMo motivation for me. Thank you to all who follow me and all who have been reading what I have to say; you are all so inspirational! Thank you, thank you, thank you.



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