easier said than done

It overcomes the soul in a way that is most difficult to describe; grapples into the depth of every nook and crevice, places you yourself did not realize existed. One could try explaining it like a thundercloud racing across the sky and suddenly pouring down elements most terrible; one could try explaining its movement like the sudden shortness of breath felt right at the moment of a first kiss, a good first kiss. But one would be unsuccessful in comparing its rapid invasion to these or any other events. Its movement is too quick, too individual to be likened to the movement of a storm or the butterflies in one’s abdomen. It’s dark, discomforting, and can only be escaped once the will is strong enough and comfortable enough with itself. Sometimes it seems to be banished, but it will return, and overtake, again if comfort is not reached.

Loneliness is a strange thing, emotion, state of mind, affliction. Like other things, emotions, states of mind, and afflictions it cannot be felt the same by two different beings. Loneliness can spread when provoked by someone in a solitary situation who has just been removed from a busy, people-filled room. Loneliness can creep in when living alone for the first time in a new place, before the introductions to new people begin. Loneliness can sneak up on a person when they believe they are fine with how things are going, and this is the most dangerous of them all.

It is hard to understand, and that is why it is hard to overpower. We are fearful of things we don’t understand, and tend to stray away from those things. This is not something to stray away from. Grasp it, let it in; make it cozy in the confines of your mind, heart and soul. When the last of it has seeped in, ready to finally take all of you into its oblivion, make it known to your mind that when it is hindered, the heart is there pumping life into it; when the heart is broken, let the physical parts of you embrace it more warmly and wholly until it is mended. Find the strength for reassurance, and crush the darkness with that pumping of life and that warm, heavy embrace. Comfort yourself, because it doesn’t matter how many people surround you with their own life and embraces; you hold the key to overwhelming the darkness and loneliness, so it will cease to overwhelm you.

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