Dear Coffee – A Letter

Dear Coffee,

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ll admit, I’ve been neglecting you. Not scooping as much of you into my most beloved appliance which turns your ground little self into a dark, delicious liquid that transforms my mornings from good to glorious has not been easy, but it’s been necessary.

Predicting terrible headaches, groggy afternoons, and intense cravings, I have sadly walked out the door without a coffee to go and driven by many a coffee shop with longing in my eyes. However, I could not have been more wrong about my predictions.

Yes, the first day or two I fell victim to slight caffeine withdrawal headaches, and did feel groggy in the afternoons. However, the grogginess is solved by – imagine this! – not falling asleep on the couch and actually going to bed at a decent time. The headaches have eased, thankfully, and I am not pouring as much cream or spooning as much sugar into my one cup of you in the mornings; overall, and I can’t believe I’m saying this: I feel great.

I’ll admit, I crave you still. Once my mug is empty and I’m staring at the creamy brown ring left at the bottom, my thoughts about how delightful it would be to have another delicious serving of your boldness progress, but my willpower has become more aggressive towards the cravings you induce. Therefore, a little to my dismay, I will not be returning to you three or four times throughout the day; just once is enough.

Will I ever see the day where I remove you from my grocery list and remove what makes you into my beloved morning companion from my counter? I would like to say no, but really, who knows. That won’t come too soon, I can only promise you that.

All the best,

Your faithful, but waning, Drinker

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