#AtoZChallenge: Apps

Happy May and welcome to Day 1 of my #AtoZChallenge. First up: A is for Apps. No, not appetizers. Although my favorite appetizers include (but are not limited to) wings, spinach and artichoke dip with bread, chips and salsa, and fried calamari. Mmmm. Anyway, the apps I'm actually talking about here are smartphone applications, which, … Continue reading #AtoZChallenge: Apps

A Guide to Gifts

I am hopping on this particular blog article bandwagon, primarily as a reaction to many years of experiencing skepticism over my desire for receiving books and book-related items as gifts. Here are the most frequent reactions to wishlists I am asked to create: You just want books? Yeah, but what do you really want? I don't want to … Continue reading A Guide to Gifts