Sunday Morning Thoughts: Resolutions/Happy New Year

*This post appeared on my original blog on January 4th, 2015 – It has been edited slightly and includes an addendum

I cannot believe it’s already the beginning of a new year. I am excited for what 2015 will bring me, and I have a lot of mixed feelings about leaving 2014 behind.

2014 was by far one of the most challenging, life changing, happiest, saddest, reflective, adult-like years of my life. From dealing with heartbreak and new romance; getting rejected from my two top Grad programs and then getting accepted into my third; graduating from UMaine and realizing just how much I am going to miss the college of my heart always;

finding an apartment on Long Island and realizing Orono is a bubble in which rent is very cheap; moving hundreds of miles away to a place where I knew only one person; starting Grad school with brand new professors and taking on a subject I hadn’t fully realized I knew very little about; meeting new and amazing people (I can’t stress the importance of this one enough); seeing places I can’t wait to go back and see again;

turning 22; having a pre-quarter life crisis and becoming overwhelmed with making decisions; finally deciding that journalism is not what I want to pursue, and then freaking out in a “then what the hell am I doing here” kind of fashion;

losing Madelyn; gaining Marley; wishing I wasn’t so broke so I could hold off moving back to Maine and continue living close to a city I’ve been in love with my entire life; starting to feel happy to be geographically closer to my family and friends when moving back to Maine;

losing my grandmother (I’ve written about this, and although those three words don’t do my feelings and her memory justice, my other posts and discussions do);

moving back to Maine, trying to find a job and then finding one I am qualified for; getting to spend the holidays with my family and seeing friends I haven’t seen in a long time; and truly realizing how fortunate and happy I am with how my life is turning out. This year has been trying, uplifting, off-putting, and most importantly: enlightening.

I do have two primary resolutions in mind: stay fit and eat healthier/cleaner foods. But there are other parts of my life I want to improve upon, so here they are.

~ Spend way more time with my sister.
~ Save my money for the future, because although I would love to have that handbag right now, I want to be able to live and play without worrying about running out of money.
~ Be honest about my feelings and desires, and not afraid to say what’s on my mind.
~ Submit my writing for publication. I will make 2015 the year I get up the courage to submit my writing in a large scale, not just every now and then.
~ Read before bed. I would say “read as much as possible,” but resolutions usually stick better when they include specific instructions.
~ Drop the habit of falling asleep with the television/Netflix on. I developed this habit in college, and believe it contributes to my poor sleeping patterns. Also, the above resolution provides me with a positive alternative for pre-sleep activity.
~ Spend way more time with my friends and family. Whether we go out or stay in, that time spent is so valuable to me and keeps me sane.
~ Take more pictures. An annoying amount. I have fallen out of this habit, and would like to fall back in.

I hope you have made some serious resolutions, and wish you the best of luck in keeping them through the end of the year and beyond. Here’s to a new year, new adventures and new revelations that I hope bring you happiness. Happy New Year!

I had forgotten about these resolutions, or that I had made them. Since the year is more than halfway over, I thought this was a good post to return to as I browsed my old blog. I have been able to stick to these resolutions, some more intensely than others, and I am happy about that. Although I still need to improve greatly in some areas (I still fall asleep with the TV on most nights), I am okay with the progress I have made with others. Okay? Hmmm, this bothers me. This has bothered me for some time, “okay.” My more-than-halfway-through-the-year resolution: don’t settle for okay.

Dealing With What I Have; or, Settling

Last week I was browsing the world wide web for one of those cell phone armbands that you wear while running, working out, or walking (does anyone wear them for anything else? I’m suddenly very interested in knowing if people use them while doing other activities). Of course, the evil giant Amazon came up with the most results on Google, and because I was feeling lazy and because it wasn’t a book, I found one I liked and purchased it.

Now, I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, and this armband is advertised for an iPhone Ginormous. Or is it an iPhone 6+ ? Either way, there were various reviews from people claiming to also own the S5 who were completely satisfied with how their phone fit in the armband regardless of the size difference between it and the iPhone. So I waited the five days until it arrived in my mailbox to see if it really would fit my phone.

I was excited to open the package – I don’t think it would even matter what was inside; there’s just something so satisfyingly joyous about opening a package and feeling the excitement of an 8-year-old on Christmas. The armband is a striking blue, and features a little compartment to put a house or apartment key so you don’t have to worry about being locked out when you leave your home to adventure. I squeezed my phone into its compartment – case and all – and I was pleased with how it fit. It wiggles around in it, and since the buttons don’t match up with an iPhone’s buttons, that compatibility is slightly lacking, but after my run/walk I felt happy that I didn’t have to hold my phone the whole time while I listened to music.

Now, a few days have gone by, and I can’t stop thinking about this armband. I’ve used it again of course, but I’m starting to become annoyed. Why did I buy something that is not advertised for my phone? I settled for convenience, Amazon, and with a mediocre product because the price was cheap and I didn’t want to spend too much time with researching phone armbands.

But why am I settling? It’s going to frustrate me every time I use the damn thing, but I’m just going to deal with it and tough it out.


I am proud to say I grew up learning to be thankful for what I have, and to be happy about what I have no matter what. Knowing this, you probably don’t believe my sister grew up in the same household as I. She did, but she’s adopted so that may have something to do with it.*

But has this caused me to settle for everything? To just accept things at face value and just deal with it, move on, and get over it? And have I begun to be okay with just settling? Just dealing with how life comes to me? Um, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Well, I’m not going to settle for that. I’ve never been extremely motivated – I’m a procrastinator, a go-with-the-flow (usually) young adult, and that needs to stop. So I’m going to find a new armband, one that actually works for my phone model, and [ideally] return the iPhone one to Amazon. Or maybe it will just lay on my dining room table and I’ll go back to holding my phone while listening to music on my walks. I’ll keep you posted on this exciting saga in my life.



*My sister is not really adopted. She’s as biological to my parents as I am, although her gratefulness doesn’t shine through as much (or as often) as mine does.