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My Blog’s Name in Books Tag

I found this book tag at Keep Reading Forward, and am delighted to see it was created by the marvelous Fictionophile. I’ve linked both of their posts, so check them out and keep reading for my list – it’s a long one.

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There's Something About a Book Tag
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The Spring Cleaning Book Tag

I came across this tag last year on Literary Weaponry, and this post has been sitting in my drafts folder since then. I’m not exactly sure why I never got around to completing it, but here we are: The Spring Cleaning Book Tag.

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Books I Want to Read Tag

Thank you to the wonderful Vicky (The Roaring Bookworm) for thinking of me for this tag. It may just be the most difficult one I’ve done yet…because I’m indecisive and notoriously have a hard time choosing just one book for each prompt in a tag. 😊😎

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Through The Winter Woods Book Tag

With all the snow falling, the temperatures getting cooler, and the beautiful Maine woods becoming more beautiful, I decided to create a book tag to celebrate this part of the year. I wanted to incorporate elements of a forest in winter, and thought about calling it the Winter Wonderland Book Tag. However, Allie from The Perks of Being a Book Freak has already created a tag with that name, so instead I’m calling it the Through The Winter Woods Book Tag. If you decide to fill it out yourself, please comment below with your link or tag me in the post so I can see your answers!

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Would You Rather Book Tag | 2.0

Looking back through some of my old posts, I realized it’s been just over a year since I did my first Book Tag (September 2017). There have been some changes on my blog since then, in terms of new and better content, and thankfully some things about myself have changed, too. So I thought I would review my first Book Tag – the Would You Rather Book Tag – and see if I still align with my 2017 self (on the featured topics). 

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Halloween Creatures (2.0) Book Tag

Happy October, friends! Since everyone has the spooky and spectacular on their minds, I decided to follow suit and do a themed book tag this month. The Halloween Creatures 2.0 Book Tag was created by Anthony at Keep Reading Forward (he also created the original version), so please go check out his answers (and charming Halloween graphics) here, and keep reading for mine.

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