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There’s Something About A Q&A | Announcement

Polls were conducted and the results are in – some of you want to know more about me. I’ve never done a Q&A before, but for whatever reason I’m in the mood to talk about myself so I’m taking advantage of that feeling and turning it into blog content. 😎✨

There’s more reasoning behind “why now?”, and that is because I will be pushed closer to my 30th year on Earth this month, and I could always use more reflection on how I’ve spent my time here so far. So technically you could say I’m holding this Q&A to honor myself, but I am also interested in finding out what about me (or my blog) is interesting to you.

So I’m obviously open to questions about books and writing, but if you are curious about anything on my About page – copywriting, Maine – or something not on my About page – my BA in English, my dance experience, my favorite color – or otherwise, leave your question in a comment below. If you are a fellow blogger, I would like to note your name and link to your blog when I write up the final Q&A post, so indicate the former or just “sign” your comment with your preferred moniker. If you would prefer that I keep your question anonymous, send me an email here and let me know.

I will collect all the questions and publish them along with my answers on September 27th, the age I will have turned 18 days prior. One last thing, if you want to ask me why I write the way I do, here’s the answer now: I’m all about producing flourish and snark from the comfort of my keyboard.

Ask away!


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