Juniper Books Fall/Winter Wish List | 2018

I admire everything about Juniper Books. Their gift sets, their social media presence, their story, and their catalog. The latter of those things just arrived in my mailbox, so I thought I would share a few of my favorite books and sets from the catalog in a wish list (and since this is blog-land I feel that I should indicate that this post is in no way $ponsored by Juniper Books). 


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Before I dive into that though, I want to thank Juniper Books for curating this catalog and making it physically available, and for including Q&As from bookstagrammers! It is so cool to flip through and see bookstagram photos from some of the most inspiring and thoughtful people who make Instagram so much fun for book lovers like myself. 😍  


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Okay, now for my wish list. I’ll be honest and say that just about everything the Juniper Books team and contributing artists put forth is on my wish list. But for the sake of this post I’ve selected a few sets that really tug at my heart strings.

The Classics in Blush Collections.
I’m now convinced that all books should be published in this color scheme. Blush books are IN, people!

The Maya Angelou Neutral Set.
So classic looking, this set binds such powerful, heart-wrenching, and affecting words.

All of the Harry Potter sets.
No, I can’t pick just one – I really want each and every set (Okay, fine. Especially the US Harry Potter Hufflepuff Set and the US Harry Potter Hogwarts Set).

The All Souls Trilogy Set.
Juniper Books
announced this set as a Shelf Starter in April of this year, which means because so many people requested it, the series was given a trial run. I wish I had been able to grab the set at that time, but luckily enough people did so it became part of Juniper Books’ permanent collection.

The Handpicked Set.
This is a set of indoor gardening guides, and I have to say my admiration of them is coming from a bad place. I can picture myself planting and getting their beautiful white covers covered in soil and maybe water; they would be so personal and gritty and used! Sorry for this cringe-worthy thought.
😉 I promise you I don’t think about this with any of my other books.

The Chronicles of Narnia Set…
designed by artist
Detour (Thomas Evans). The colors are sort of whimsical but powerful at the same time, especially as they shape Aslan’s face on the spines.

The Obvious State sets.
were announced in September of this year, and while minimalism is typically not my thing, the designs on these books are very much my thing.

The Little House on the Prairie Set.
The cross-stitch likeness of the imagery on these spines is so charming. I loved reading about Laura Ingalls when I was younger; I really related to her wild, childish impulses and outdoorsy spirit.

The Everyman’s Library Children’s Classics.
Juniper Books has these arranged in a couple of different sets, but this is one of those collections I’d like to have in its entirety (I currently have Little Women and Robinson Crusoe).


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The Penguin Classics Brontë Set.
I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Penguin’s Clothbound Classics. I specify this particular set because I already own Jane Eyre and Villette in their Clothbound glory, and I’d love to have The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Wuthering Heights to join them.


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Thank you again Juniper Books for another great catalog, and happy browsing (and collecting), bibliophiles!

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Have you received your @juniperbooks catalog yet? Flipping through it reminds me of when, as a kid, I would mark things I liked in the big JC Penney holiday gift book, marveling at all the toys and gadgets and the size of the catalog. The Juniper Books catalog may not be as hefty as that one was, but the marveling and excitement continue year after year. Plus, this year there are a few Q&As and featured images from a handful of the most inspiring, kind, and thoughtful bookstagrammers! Seriously, how awesome is that?! 💫 ☆ If you're interested, I've compiled a few of my favorite book sets from the catalog in a blog post – find the link in my bio. 📚💖 Thank you again Juniper Books, for another wonderful catalog. ☆ #bookstagram #igreads #bookish #bookpost #bookblog #books #bibliophile #bookworm #JuniperBooks #bookcollection #bookcollector #wishlist #FridayFeeling

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