From My Bookshelf: Ramona, Ramona, Ramona

The first fictional character I became truly invested in was Ramona Quimby. Even now she holds a piece of my heart, as does author Beverly Cleary, who I know is cherished by more readers, teachers, and individuals than by just me.

Thanks to my mom, I had access to Beverly Cleary’s books early on in my childhood, and while I would like to feature every single one here in this post, I am sticking to my three-book format for the sake of consistency. Therefore, I’ve chosen the three books that focus on the relationships most important, or those that are dearest, to Ramona.

Beezus and Ramona | Beverly Cleary

The start of this series, Beezus and Ramona, is the only one written from Beezus’ point of view. Being the oldest of two, Beezus and Ramona made me wish that I had a big sister, because I always envisioned myself as Ramona. However, Beezus did inspire some of my behavior towards my younger sister, which sometimes meant giving tough love or being bossy towards her. Always in a loving way, of course.

Ramona and Her Father | Beverly Cleary

Resilience and strength are themes in Ramona and Her Father, which highlights how family and close friendships, especially in times of struggle or discomfort, can make any situation surmountable.

Ramona and Her Mother | Beverly Cleary

In Ramona and Her Mother, I learned how to pack for running away from home, because Ramona’s mother tricks her into packing the heaviest items first so Ramona can’t lift her suitcase. There’s also a great moment of bonding between Ramona and Beezus, which as a sister myself, I appreciated.

Have you read any of the Ramona books, or other Beverly Cleary titles? I can guarantee I’ll be sharing more that are on my bookshelf in the coming months, so share your favorites below!

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